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Maya Dayan

Plaque Enthusiast for Thornhill, Woodbridge, and Vaughan area.

Everyone thinks that they have the best dog. I want you to have the best kissable dog

I cannot remember a time in my life where I was not covered in slobber and dog hair. My love affair for canines turned into an obsession once I started competitively showing dogs in the show ring! Yes, I was that proud handler that prances around the ring with their well-groomed dog that you see on television. I had the pleasure of showing, training, rescuing, boarding and volunteering at breed clubs. My education includes a Finance degree but my heart lies in dog behaviour, nutrition, training and of course cosmetic teeth cleaning!

I am very excited to be working alongside Kissable K9 Care to provide your furbaby with PAWsitively kissable teeth.
For kissable services in Thornhill, Woodbridge or Vaughan – please sniff me out so I can prove to you that cosmetic teeth cleaning delivers teethrific results!
Yours in wags,
Maya Dayan
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