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About Kissable K9

Who is Kissable K9?


Kissable K9 Care is a cosmetic teeth cleaning service that cleans your fur baby’s teeth. We currently serve 60+ Pet Valu stores, private locations and animal charities  in Ontario and are rapidly growing. We take pride in our work and provide:

- A calm and relaxing environment 

- A safe and reliable service that is designed to be used with home care and veterinarian visits to maintain results 

- An affordable cosmetic teeth cleaning that includes brushing and scaling with the use of hand instruments above the gum line to gently remove tartar and reveal white shiny teeth

Our Service


Kissable K9 Care offers its cosmetic teeth cleaning service to dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes, ages and backgrounds. Here is a simple breakdown of how this service is conducted:

- We welcome the client and their fur baby into the store. Then have the client fill out a liability waiver and ask if they have any questions or concerns about the service.

- We then work our magic to create a relaxing and comfortable environment for your fur baby. To do this we lightly spray the room with lavender oils, swaddle him or her in a blanket in the technicians lap and use massage while they are awake. The comfort of your dog is always our top priority.

-  We provide cosmetic teeth cleaning by using hand instruments above the gum line to scale the teeth 

- We provide the client with before and after pictures of their fur baby’s teeth to show results. We then show clients items in the store they can use at home to maintain results.

- It is very rare, but if for some reason the animal becomes frightened and stressed during the procedure and the technician is unable to calm them the following steps will take place: the procedure is stopped, the client will be called and the client does 

Meet The Owner


Jill Thompson is the owner of Kissable K9 Care and works with client’s to ensure the comfort of their dogs and cats while delivering excellent results. Jill was the first individual to bring this cosmetic service to Ontario and to fight for the right to legally allow this service in the province. Jill attended a school in the US for cosmetic teeth cleaning, has trained and certified students in Ontario and has worked on over 900 dogs without any complications. All technicians hired by Kissable K9 are trained by Jill and have relatable experience. 

Why Choose Kissable K9?

Here are six reasons why you should choose to work with Kissable K9 Care:

- Affordable price

- Professional, passionate and dedicated staff

- Kissable K9 Care staff up sell in-store products 

- Proven boost in customer traffic

- Store receives a percentage of the profits made from each clinic 

- Kissable K9 Care currently serves 70+ Pet Valu stores and is rapidly growing 

- Kissable K9 Care gives back to the community by partnering up with animal related charities and providing special clinics. The proceeds from these clinics will go straight to the charity to help fur babies in need. We currently partner with Finding Them Homes and Camp Greyhound and cannot wait to partner with more! 



Take a look at these positive reviews from our valued customers!

" Took my baby girl in today for her teeth cleaning. What a wonderful experience and fantastic job!!! Friendly, helpful and just all round good people." 

 "They did an amazing job on my babies teeth and I will for sure be recommending Kissable K9 to everyone I know. Thank you so much for taking care of my baby!!"

 "Our dog Cora went in for a teeth cleaning when Kissable K9 was in Peterborough and wow! Amazing work, very friendly people. Thank you for cleaning her teeth and giving her fresh breath! Also was lovely to get a text saying she was an absolute angel and to bring her anytime when she was done. Thanks Kissable K9!"

 "We had an incredible experience. We were in complete shock with the before and after photos. Our dogs teeth look fantastic. She was in great hands with the 2 ladies who worked on her and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts xo"

 "Brought in my dog today for the service! I loved it! His teeth is very white now! I recommend this place for anyone who wants their dogs teeth cleaned! "